Managing People

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The best advice I ever got on managing people was ‘Hire slowly, Fire quickly’ Managing people is a critical task to the success of your business, it begins with managing yourself.

Begin with a small group of highly self-motivated individuals who buy into the vision of the business and have a sense of ownership on the business.

It is important as I have come to learn that you get the guidance of a human resource professional so that you can recruit and retain talent successfully. It’s a small price to pay considering that you do not want to have a high turnover of employees as you begin. In addition a human resource professional will enable you to create performance measuring tools and structures that enable cohesion and teamwork to thrive.


As the vision bearer you have to be the face of the business to your customers. You will want to be present every time your staff meet new customers and establish new relationships.

Here are some tips on managing people effectively;

  1. Communication is paramount. Communicate always so that everyone is on the same page.
  2. Know yourself. That way you can build a great team around you.
  • Keep learning. Read books and interact with your mentor so that you can learn and grow.
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