Are you ready for financing?

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At one point as a startup owner you need to get financing, either to start, grow or scale. Here is a list of questions that you need to have answers to before you start seeking financing.

  1. What problem does your product or service solve?
  2. Describe your solution.
  3. What is new, interesting or different about your idea or business?
  4. What is  your company’s primary industry sector?
  5. What is your target market?
  6. What is the size of the market opportunity for your business/idea?
  7. Explain how you intend to (or already do) find customers?
  8. How will you make money in your business?
  9. Who are you selling to or you plan to sell to in the next year?
  10. Who are your competitors and what differentiates you?
  11. What do you project will be your sales for one year?
  12. What do you need to actualize your business?
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