The price to pay as an entrepreneur

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Today I want you to appreciate that there will be a price to pay in order to build a company. As I began my technology business called USALAMA® providing technology services for security I was hardly comprehended how brutal some days could be. As I interacted with my peers in various businesses I realized that secretly each person had had their fair share of failure and suffering.

Often the first cost is usually in unseen expenses and slow uptake of your amazing products or services. At that point your savings depleted swiftly and your line of credit, if you are lucky to have one is almost coming to a halt. If you are like me and you have external investors, you have obligations to them and you realize that you are yet to break even months after your projections said you would.

I realized that entrepreneurs are the most optimistic people in this world. Before making it big there are often many times of uncertainty, and those around you may hardly understand what you are going through and so you keep a happy face all day even though each night sleep is the last thing to come, often the ceiling gaze is your night occupation.

What do you feel is the price you are willing to pay in order to succeed?

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