Why are you starting a business?

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When you think of starting a business what is the first thing that comes to your mind? For most people the answer to the question why is usually one of the following needs or desires;

  1. Become your own boss / Job security
  2. Venture into an area of interest.
  3. Make more money.
  4. Work flexible hours.
  5. Change in career or a new experience.
  6. Geographical and logistics challenges in your current occupation.
  7. Government incentives
  8. Pride
  9. Interacting with people in various fields and building a bigger Network
  10. An opportunity to do good
  11. Financial independence
  12. Create jobs

These and many other reasons are behind the move to become an entrepreneur. You can list the core reasons you want to begin this journey.


Well as we go through my website, my desire is that you get to critically analyze the opportunity that you see its full potential, its risks and its lifespan.

Having done that you can decide whether to embark on this particular business or to look out for new opportunities or copy existing businesses with a little modification.

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