Why entrepreneurship should not be taught.

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Almost all university courses now offer entrepreneurship as a unit that students will undertake and be examined for. Thousands of Kenyan students study this unit each year and the change in their perception is non existent.

Is it that the lecturers have not the faintest idea about running a successful startup in the 21st century or is it that the students are not cut out for the entrepreneurship journey. I think the problem is if you are going to teach entrepreneurship then the mode of testing the student should not be in a 2 hour sit-in exam.

See entrepreneurship is like learning how to swim. If you ask me to draw how i can swim i could do the best job in drawing it but i may not have touched the cold water in the swimming pool. The only way to find out if i can swim is to be in that pool and see me gulping for breathe.

Entrepreneurs are born, its arguable but i feel it is the case more often than not. The risk appetite, the curiosity to run experiments and the ability to live in uncertainty is embedded into the personality of a few. The rest of the people are wired to work for the few entrepreneurs who make it to the other side of the ocean.

I said entrepreneurship should not be taught, but entrepreneurs should have the opportunity to learn. For universities and other institutions of learning to have an impact in enabling the creation of new enterprises, they need to identify those who have the entrepreneurial spirit. Only those should have the opportunity to learn about entrepreneurship.

Its like a colony of worker bees have to identify a future queen and not each one can be that queen.

This is the best time for entrepreneurs in the history of time. The high unemployment, the limited raw materials, food insecurity, climate change and other global challenges require problem solvers.

Can those who were wired for entrepreneurship stand up and be taught.


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