Do I have what it takes?

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Success as an entrepreneur is a combination of many factors. One of the key attributes of many successful entrepreneurs is in how they endure the entrepreneurship journey.

This checklist cannot predict success but it can give you an idea of how prepared you are for the journey ahead.

  • Can I take risks?
  • Can I handle stress?
  • Can I handle rejection?
  • Do I make good judgments often?
  • Am I energetic and can I sustain this energy for a long time?
  • Am I self-motivated?
  • Is there an entrepreneur I can look up to?
  • Do I know my strengths and weaknesses?
  • Can I lead?
  • Do I have interpersonal skills?
  • Am I an optimist?

You may not tick yes for each of the above but if you have over half of them as No you ought to reconsider your decision to go solo and start an enterprise.  One way to improve is to look for mentors, advisors and coaches.  These will help you answer the question of what capabilities you need to develop in order to enable you run a business efficiently.

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